About Honorhealth Pain Management Center

HonorHealth Pain Management Center was established as a collaboration between several industry-leading pain management providers who believe in a comprehensive approach to pain management care that includes interventional, pharmacologic, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and psychological protocols to treat pain at its source.

The physicians at HonorHealth Pain Management Center have been involved in pain management services for over two decades in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area and represent a combined service of over 100 years of practice in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

At HonorHealth Pain Management Center, our physicians are leaders in the pain management community locally, nationally, and internationally. We have highly trained clinical staff and a state of the art facility to care for our patients in an environment that offers the highest level of care in our community. This means that:

  • Procedures are safer. All around the country, facilities like HonorHealth Pain Management Center have demonstrated significantly lower rates of infection.
  • Our staff is hand-picked, giving our Physicians the confidence of knowing that they have their ideal team behind them for each procedure.
  • Our exclusive focus on outpatient pain management procedures optimizes our ability to provide excellent care.
  • We are able to give our patients personalized attention and the comfort of knowing a team of dedicated professionals is committed to your well-being.